American Chain and Cable

American Chain and Cable, Bridgeport, CT



In 1944, American Chain and Cable Co. was contracted by the DuPont Company to evaluate the

potential for reclamation of 6,231 uranium rods through swaging (diameter reduction).

American Chain and Cable Co. received and swaged eight uranium rods which subsequently

failed metallurgical evaluation, and the process was abandoned.

It is not likely or reasonable to suspect that significant levels of residual radioactive material

were present after this operation. Documentation exists supporting that a limited quantity of

material was processed (eight uranium rods 1.39 to 1.46 inches in diameter), and that the

operation was of a short duration (which contractually included delivery and removal of all

material). Additionally, the nature of the activity, swaging (cold-working), would most likely

not lead to a high probability of dispersion of radioactive material, and apparent personnel

exposure controls were reviewed and/or implemented which would lend to further reduction in

the probability of dispersion of radioactive material.

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